Some business card rough sketches by Yusuke murata

It is July 27th

I have had this blog for a year now and in that time I’ve had a name change, started posting Mob Psycho 100 stuff, got to enjoy the original opm which wasn’t translated yet, gone though the Sea King arc and Baros arc, and also the best thing is that there has been more tumblr user posting fanart for both series.

Also I actually had people to talk to about both these series which is something I don’t do outside of tumblr because I can’t find anyone that reads both.

I am very grateful to all my followers, from People following since last year till right now. When I started it was because I wanted to have someplace to let out my love for One punch man, I did not expect to have more than 10 People following let alone more than 600 which is something I am happy about cause that means that there are at least 600 People that can tolerate all my fanboying about both these series.

Seriously thank all of you and I really appreciate all the follows and conversations I have had will some of you. I will try my best to keep this blog the best that I can do.

Also I’m calling him awakened Garou from now on cause that is the best thing.

His clothes >_> he pretty much lost everything didn’t he?

His clothes >_> he pretty much lost everything didn’t he?

radiomomo yeah it look like he’s just looting around for household stuff, I can make out some cloth hangers.

Finally have Saitama’s 1st appearance since the Garou arc :D

6 added pages of original are now translated.

I’m thinking of not posting every little thing but there might be some people like me that want to stay on top of this series.—v2-_by_anonymous